Aluminium laminated foil

A wide range of product variants

Aluminium laminated foils are not classic standard products. Benefit from our long-term experience and know-how for your project and product requirements.

Simple combination or sandwich

Aluminium laminated foils, also called aluminium-covered compounds, are not classic standard products. The individual material components and the actual material thicknesses (layer thicknesses), together with the structure as simple combination or sandwich, lead to a wide range of laminated foil product variants.

Raw materials such as PE, LDPE, LLDPE, PET, OPA and OPP can also be used in laminated aluminium foils, in addition to paper.


Aluminium-paper laminate

For example: An aluminium-paper laminate – used for ice-cream cornets and cigarette papers, for instance – is just one type of the many known aluminium-paper laminates in use today. Even if just only two raw materials are laminated together, as in this case, the respective thicknesses need to be specified.

The material, which is used to laminate these two materials, also needs to be defined: adhesive, PE (polyethylene) or other materials. This clearly demonstrates the diversity and difficulty within the field of aluminium laminated foils.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my aluminium laminated foil? Which information do you need?

We need details about the material components and the layer thicknesses of your laminated foil. For example: 10 µm aluminium foil + 2 g/m² surfacer + 1,5 g/m² adhesive, + 50 g/m² paper. And also your information about dimensions and quantities, of course.

What are your minimum quantities?

If special components are included, our usual minimum quantities are 20.000 m².

Can you also provide printed aluminium laminated foils?

In general: yes. But for printing we usually need larger quantities. Mostly, minimum quantities of at least 40.000 m² are necessary.

What dimensions are available?

At first, the structure of the laminated foil has to be defined. For example: PET/Alu/PE – concretely: 18 µm PET / 20 µm Alu / 4 µm PE. Then, individual roll widths of e.g. 58 mm and roll lengths of 1.000 m are available. In principle, there is no standard.

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