Small aluminium strip, split strip or wide aluminium strip

Available in a short time

We produce for you aluminium with 0.010 – 0.300 mm gauge in a short time. Small roll widths (even from 20 mm) up to a maximum width of 1.250 mm are possible.

Split strip

Aluminium in the form of rolls with a gauge > 0.5 mm (sometimes even from 0.3 mm) is generally called aluminium strip. The common name for aluminium strip that is produced in small strip widths is usually split strip.

Strip material delivered e.g. in rectangular or square formats is known as aluminium sheet or plate.


Aluminium strip

In contrast to aluminium foils, the alloy EN AW-1050A (Al 99.5 %) does not play a primary role in aluminium strip. Structural applications are often the focus here and therefore other "added materials" such as magnesium, manganese, silicon, etc. are necessary to achieve the required strengths, stiffness or even formability of the strips.

Such wide-ranging requirements are usually found in the building industry, industrial constructions, air-conditioning and ventilation, automotive industry and for the equipment components in diverse products.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which standard widths can we order aluminium strip?

Primarily, we provide customised products and order-based production. Our standard product range gives you a general overview.

What are your minimum quantities?

That depends on the dimensions. We have already produced foils in small quantities of 5 kg or less. Please find some examples in the reference list for customized production.

What are your usual production or delivery times?

As we have a very large and extensive warehouse for our aluminium foil raw materials, we can reduce the delivery times of the rolling mill from 12 weeks or more. Our usual production and delivery times are 2 – 3 weeks.

Which aluminium alloys are available?

Primarily, we have the alloy EN AW-1050A. This means that the aluminium foil has an aluminium content of at least 99.5 %.

What is aluminium strip or also slit strip?

Aluminium - in the form of rolls - with a thickness of > 0.5 mm (in some cases from 0.3 mm) is usually referred to as aluminium strip or aluminium tape. Aluminium strip produced in narrow strips is also often referred to as slit strip.

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