Coarse and fine:

Finely embossed aluminium foils or thick coarse grain foils made to measure

Aluminium foils with embossed surfaces are often called embossed foils. The term stucco is often used for thicker aluminium (strip > 0.300 mm).

In order to emboss the aluminium foil, the smooth foil is processed with embossing rollers. Coarse grain foils can often be found in the building sector: As pipe jackets for technical insulation, insulating elements for roofs, etc. Embossed aluminium foils can also be found in the food industry, for instance as yoghurt lids, or even in the cosmetic industry. As the aluminium foils used here are relatively thin, the embossing is also very fine (fine embossment). Other possible embossing versions include cup or calotte embossing, in addition to standard coarse grain embossing.

Alujet-Universal produces hard or soft coarse grain foil versions for you with different thickness and dimensions, tailored to your needs, converting your embossed foils as rolled goods ready for delivery.