Small aluminium strips, split strips or wide aluminium strips

Aluminium in the form of rolls with a gauge > 0.5 mm (sometimes even from 0.3 mm) is generally called aluminium strip. The common name for aluminium strip that is produced in small strip widths is usually split strip. Strip material delivered e.g. in rectangular or square formats is known as aluminium sheet or plate.

In contrast to aluminium foils, the alloy EN-AW1050A (Al 99.5%) does not play a primary role in aluminium strip. Structural applications are often the focus here and therefore other "added materials" such as magnesium, manganese, silicon, etc. are necessary to achieve the required strengths, stiffness or even formability of the strips. Such wide-ranging requirements are usually found in the building industry, industrial constructions, air-conditioning and ventilation, automotive industry and for the equipment components in diverse products.

Alujet-Universal can produce aluminium for you with thicknesses of 0.010 mm up to maximum 0.300 mm. Small roll widths (starting from 20 mm in some cases) up to a maximum width of 1,250 mm are possible.